Templates list

The Studio is mainly used to manage the workflow templates and define their publication. In this article we will focus on how to use the templates list.

The templates list displays your company's template as well as the default template from the free edition



1. Company's templates

These are all the templates you created for your company. Simply click on a card to edit any of them.
You can also create new template by clicking the Add template button.

2. Default templates

These are the workflow templates that we bring with the fresh installation of Zero Keyboard. If you find these templates useful to your organization but they doesn’t fit as they are, just click the copy button in the template card. Now you have copy of the default template under your organization’s templates and you can continue to fully edit the copy to fit it into your organization.


3. Filtering the list

There are 4 filters available to help you manage your templates list :

  • Search engine: type to filter the templates in real time based on their title and description
  • Show/hide default templates: to help you focus, you can hide the default templates (see 2)
  • Team filter: you can choose to see only the templates published to a specific team. Just select the team in the dropdown list
  • Group by team: instead of showing all of your company's templates, this allows you to show all team with their specific publication. If a template is available to multiple teams, it will appear several time on your workboard, in every team. (see below)


4. Cards status actions

Template cards have icons to inform you of their status or to act on them.

  • Locked : you can't access nor edit the template (only concern default templates)
  • Copy : duplicate the template in your organization


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