Guide : Your first contact with Zero Keyboard

Your first contact with Zero Keyboard

You have downloaded our app and now you want to go forward and start using to create contacts with it. We have prepared a short step by step tutorial to explain you how to use it.

Step 1 : Press the + button in the contact tab

First, just make sure you're on the contact tab. It should be highlighted in pink, if not, just press the tab.


Then press the + button, which you will find :

Apple_Icon.png in the top right corner on iOS

android_icon1.png in the bottom right corner in Android

Step 2 : Scan the business card

The component is pretty easy to use :

  1. Touch the camera button
  2. Access the camera
  3. Take the picture
  4. Validate the picture


Now that the picture is selected, you can move on.


Step 3 : Move to next question

To move to next question, just swipe the title of the current question or the bottom of the screen from right to left. You can also use the navigation arrow on the bottom.


If you ever need to come back, just swipe the title from right to left. All the workflows work the same, you swipe titles from right to left to move forward, and from left to right to move backward.
Note that you can also swipe the bottom of the screen.

Step 4 : Select an account

You can filter the list of account to find the exact one, but in case you need to create a new account, just leave the question unanswered and move on.

Step 5 : Save your work

On the last screen, we show you the steps to save your work. Simply press Save to create your contact. Once all the steps have been completed click the Salesforce button to control your contact has been correctly created.



You have created your first contact using Zero Keyboard. We advise you to go through this workflow a few more times to familiarize with the app.

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