First steps with Zero Keyboard

Welcome to Zero Keyboard

You have downloaded our app and now you want to go forward and start using it to manage your activity and update Salesforce. We have prepared a series of article to complete the in-app tutorial. We organized them step by step to help you progress smoothly in your mastery of the app.

Step 1 : Login

The first thing you need to enjoy Zero Keyboard is to log in using your Salesforce credentials.


Step 2 : Home Screens

The home screens are where you land when you launch the app. They all share common tools :


  1. Menu : clicking the icon you will open the main menu where you can access the settings.
  2. Refresh : Update the screen with the latest available information.
  3. Tutorial : this button will provide you the basic "how to" use he current screen
  4. Tabs : change what the app should display. The available tabs are :
    • Contacts : Search contacts, view their details, create new ones scanning business cards.
    • Events : Discover how to manage your meetings with a few swipes
    • Tasks : Manage your to-do list efficiently and with speed.
    • Company : This tab gives access to your company's specific workflows.


Step 3 : Get started

Here is an example of how to create a contact using Zero Keyboard


If you don't find the answer you need, remember to check our FAQ section, or contact us directly so we can help you.


Enjoy zero typing!

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