Workflow template structure and edition

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We're going to create a first template to help you discover the studio logic. For that we've prepared a workflow template named "My First Template" as shown on the screenshot. This template will not appear on your mobile app, it's just here for training.

1. Select the workflow template

Just the click the tile. But avoid clicking the delete icon .

The template's information will load in the left pane and you'll be able to start the edition.

2. Workflow template's structure and navigation 

A workflow is structured as follow

  • Topic 1
    • Question 1.1
    • Question 1.2
    • Question 1.3
    • etc
  • Topic 2
    • Question 2.1
    • Question 2.2
    • etc
  • etc

Once a workflow template has been selected, all the topics and questions composing it will show in the left panel. Clicking one item will display it in the central workboard. You will arrive first on the template global information such as name, description and settings.

3. Start Editing

This template is build to gather contact information. Go ahead change the name and description, once it's done just press the save button.

Note: The other settings are for advanced user will be covered in a specific article.

4. Save

The information are updated and published.


Now click the topics and try to change their name. And when you are ready, let's start editing the questions.

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