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Creating and editing is fairly simple. We are going to start with editing a question to discover how things are organized, and then we'll create your first question.


1. Pick a question

Just click a question's title in the agenda, it will load it in the workboard. For our tutorial please select question "2.2 Decision taking".


2. Question details

These are the core of your question, and are mandatory.

Title: It's mainly used in navigation menu, it will also be what the user sees at first glance. so aim for simple and clear title.

Question : Here you can detail what you are really waiting for. Users might only read the first time they use the workflow, but don't neglect it, it will be a helpful for new user, and people that need time to get along with new solutions.

Hidden : If your workflow is just a draft, or won't be used during a period, just hide it for mobile users.


3. Answer component

This is the most important part. This is where you define what are the possible answers, and define all their parameters and options. All components are listed and detailed in their own articles.

In our example the component is the Wheel, it allows user to select 1 options out of a maximum of 6. Go ahead and try to remove () and add question ().

Remember to save your changes using the button on top.

The other component are as simple to use, and all offer advanced options if you need to build more complicated workflow. But for this, we advice you to look at all components articles to learn about them.

Advanced options : This will give you access to more options for the answer component. The possible advanced options are detailed in each component's article. 


4. Special actions

Delete : This will remove permanently the question. After clicking this button you will have a few second to cancel your action.

Reset : You can use this when you have started editing a question and want to come back to the original state. The question will be reloaded, removing all your changes.


5. Mobile preview

As you change the parameters of the question the live preview will show you how it will be displayed in the mobile app. Therefore you can see if your answers are fitting.


We have now seen how the workboard looks when editing questions. We will now go further the past and make you create your first question.

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