Search : multi selection lookup

Search component

This component allows you to create a lookup in Salesforce. The user can search records and select multiple answers among several propositions.

You can create a search on selected standard objects and on custom objects.

Mobile Preview

Regular Settings

Answer limit

Set it to have a maximum of selectable answers. Putting 0 will allow the mobile user to select an unlimited amount of answers.


Choose the object form Salesforce you want to search. Custom objects are only available in the enterprise


Choose up to 2 fields to be displayed on the mobile screen.

If you're looking for fields linking to other object you will have to choose a children field.

Example : If you search Contacts you can display the Industry field from the Account object since both objects are linked inside Salesforce.


Advanced Settings

SalesForce Record

Once the workflow completed on mobile, the workflow will be linked to a new record when it's sent to Salesforce. You can decide to link it to a specific record : the one selected with the current question.
This setting will override the multivalue setting t set it to 1.



You can create filters to limit or define which records should be available to the user. Some knowledge of how database logic is required to make advanced combination, so if you have doubts, just contact us.

Click on  to create a new filter and set the different options :

And/or : will your filter combine with the previous filter or add to it.

Field : choose the field you want to filter.

Operator : choose the relation that should be tested between the field and the value you want to test.

Value : simply the value to be tested, you can choose to enter your own value or choose one the presets. The presets propose 2 particular options :

  • Mobile user ID : usually combined with the field Owner cause the value will be the Salesforce ID of the mobile user.
    Example : If you filter the contacts to show and choose "owner = Mobile user ID" every user will only see his contact on it's mobile app.
  • Other questions answer : if you choose this the field will be tested against the answer that have been given in a previous question.
    WARNING! Make sure you select question that appears BEFORE the actual question.
    Example : if you filter contacts, you might want to have a first question where the user select an account and the display only the contact linked to that account.


SalesForce Action

Please see the detailed article on SalesForce actions.

Create only if no answer

The search component is offering an extra settings for the action. You can choose to trigger the create action only if no selection has been made by the user.
Example : You want to design a workflow to update leads OR create new ones, so you don't need to do everything twice. Set your first question as lookup to leads. If the user select a lead, this lead will be updated. If he doesn't then a new lead is created.

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