Getting started

Welcome to Zero Keyboard. Zero Keyboard is all about keeping your up-to-date wherever you and your team goes. This is made possible by optimizing the user experience to follow users daily tasks instead of offering standard forms. This guarantees that your organization will have all the key information in the right place in Salesforce.

Taking Zero Keyboard into use is easy and straightforward. It consists of three key elements and we have prepared step-by-step instructions for you to get going.


1. Managed Packet 

Zero Keyboard Managed Packet brings everything that is needed in the end - Workflow Studio and Out-of-the-box reporting tools.

Follow the instructions to install managed packet to your environment.


2. Workflow Studio

When Managed Packet is in place you're all set to start planning unique workflows for your organization. We have prepared set of default templates to get you going smoothly.

Workflow Studio enables you to create new or edit the existing workflow templates (i.e. Quick Lead, Quick Note) to enable easy information capture for your users in the Zero Keyboard Mobile App. 

Creating and changing workflow templates is easy and fast. Get started with the introduction to Studio.


3. Mobile App

Finally we want to mobilize our sales reps with Zero Keyboard Mobile App. With the mobile app all your sales reps can keep up-to-date wherever they are and without typing.

Fast and type-free user experience is enabled by pre-made workflow templates that you have created in Workflow Studio. 

To get your sales reps up to speed, instruct them to download Zero Keyboard mobile app from app stores:

Apple AppStore Google Play


When app is installed you will see the same workflows in the app as in Workflow Studio. It's time to try your first workflow!


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