Package installation & uninstallation

The Zero Keyboard for Salesforce managed package can be installed and uninstalled directly from a Salesforce AppExchange. The package is safe to try and uninstall. The uninstallation removes all content and doesn’t leave any permanent configuration changes.

Installation & Upgrade

  1. Visit Zero Keyboard App Exchange page

  2. Press the "Get it Now" green button.

  3. Follow the instructions of Installation Wizard.

  4. Installation wizard will inform you on what content will be installed by clicking the "view components" link on the installation page.

  5. Select which profiles get access to Zero Keyboard. You can also add user permissions later by using ready made Permissions Sets.

  6. Click Install and grant access to site. This site is used for image and sound recognition.

  7. The installer informs when the installation is ready. If the server is busy, the installation might take a couple of minutes. You’re done!



  1. Log in Salesforce with administrator credentials.

  2. Lightning: Setup Home > Apps > Installed Packages
    Classic: Setup > Installed Packages 

  3. Find Zero Keyboard on the installed packages list and click uninstall

  4. Scroll down the page and check the "Yes, I want to uninstall this package and permanently delete all associated components"

  5. Click uninstall.

  6. Zero Keyboard Managed Package has been removed.
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