Memo views to Standard Object layouts (classic)

Note : Adding a memo view to the Standard object layouts is optional, Your Managed Package doesn't require it to work.

Users can have a direct view to the Zero Keyboard memos on Standard Objects. This can be done by adding the Zero Keyboard Memos Visualforce component to the Object layout.

There are two options to have the Memos on the Layout:

  • Add an own scrollable section for the memos, so they are visible straight from the layout, or
  • have a link on the page that opens the Memos to a separate window.


Adding a scrollable section

(this example is for Account object)

  1. Go to Setup > App Setup > Customize > Accounts > Page Layouts

  2. Select the layout you want to add Zero Keyboard memo view to and click Edit (default: Account Layout). Then select "Visual Force Pages" from the left selection pane.

  3. Drag a new Section to an appropriate place on the layout.
    Name the Section "Zero Keyboard Memos" and make in 1-column

  4. Drag the "Zero Keyboard Memos" Visualforce page inside the new section

  5. Click the "Properties" icon  on the top right of the Visualforce page
    Set the properties to:
    - Width: 100%
    - Height: 300 (or 200)
    - Check the “Show Scrollbars” option
    - Uncheck the “Show Label” option

  6. Click Save on the layout and you're done!


You can now repeat the same procedure for all the Object/Record types where you want to have the Memos visible.

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