Ordering answers

If you are using the Wheel or the List answer component, you can specify the order of your answers. Two different methods are available, but in both case remember to save your question after ordering!


Drag and drop

As for ordering questions you can drag and drop answers to order them :

  1. Move your mouse over the answer you want to move, this symbol  should appear, it means you can move that item.
  2. Maintain your click on this answer and drag it at the wanted position.
  3. Release the click, that's it, you're done!

Note that you can also do this action when this advanced options are displayed.


Up & Down buttons (advanced options)

When the advanced options are active, drag and drop might not be the best options due to the screen and elements sizes. To handle the answer order, you will find for each answer two buttons (1) to move your answer up and down the list.



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