How to make a good picture of a business card

When using Zero Keyboard to create leads inside Salesforce, you usually starts by taking a picture of a business card or a badge. In order to have your lead automatically created, the picture need to be good enough for text recognition. Here are a few tips to make sure you will have no issues.

1. What's the good distance to the card ?

in portrait : let the card width fill the picture width

in landscape : make sure the 4 corners are visible on the picture with a margin around the card


2. Is my photo sharp enough ?

This one is pretty simple to answer : you have to be able to read the card on your phone screen, after taking the picture. If you have trouble or should do a special effort to read some characters, well, a computer won't be able to read it.


3. How to avoid blurry picture ?

Your phone usually chooses itself where is the focus point, but again, computer are not always right. On most of the smartphone camera you can decide what the focus point should be by simply tapping where you wnat the focus to be. So simply tap the card, verify that your phone has done the focus, and take your picture.


4. A few exemple of DOs and DON'Ts

Here is a series of pictures so you can see what is good and what is not.



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