First steps in the Studio

The studio let you edit and create workflows templates that your team will use on the mobile app.

Let's discover your new environment, which is organized in 3 main panes :

1. Menu

The left pane present you tools, actions and links that will affect the display in the central pane. The current selection is indicated with a light grey background and a triangle on the right. From here you can access :

  • Wokflows management
  • Teams management
  • Helpdesk articles
  • Live help (when we're available to help you)

2. Workboard

The central pane is your workboard. It's where you manage workflows and teams. When you select a topic, a question, or the workflow template itself, it opens in the workboard.

3. Mobile Preview

The right pane is a preview of what the end user will see on the mobile app. This pane will be hidden if your screen is to small, in order to give you space to work on what matters.


 Now that you are  familiar with the environment, let's get started and edit your first template !

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