Wheel : single selection

Wheel component

This component allows you to select 1 answer among several propositions.

Mobile Preview


Regular Settings

When designing a question using this component you can add and remove answers as you need with a minimum of 2 answers and a maximum of 6.


That's simply all the answers that will be available.

Click to remove an answer.

Click  to add new answer to the list.


Advanced Settings

The settings are set on each answer separately. For each one you can define :


On mobile the space on the screen is limited, so you might want to use abbreviations or acronyms. Nevertheless you also want to have more readable material in Salesforce, the memo answer allows you to set a different content to be displayed in Salesforce.


SalesForce Action

Please see the detailed article on SalesForce actions.

Extra option : Copy to all

This buttons allows you to replicate the action on all answers.


 Color (enterprise edition)

In the Managed Package we give access to different views where you can see the memos. if you select a color, the answer will take it while displayed in our memo views.

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