Salesforce actions

Every answer component allows you to define Salesforce actions. We are going to explain what these actions are and what effects they have in Salesforce.

When you design a worklow, you might want to use it to create new records, enter leads and contacts, or maybe update opportunities or campaigns. That's when you need to use the Salesforce actions.
Once a memo is created and sent, the memo is processed and orders are sent to Salesforce to execute the intended actions.


Let's see how to define actions :

1. Open the Advanced Settings panes

2. Define the action

You have cascading dropdown lists to select what to do :

  • Action : Choose to create or update a record.
  • Object : Choose which Salesforce object is the target. Custom objects are available for Enterprise Edition only.

If you have chosen to create a new record, nothing more is required unless you're using a signal or a numpad component. Check the component help for more info.
If you have chosen to update a record you need to make more choices.

  • Field : you must choose which field you want to update with the answer
  • target : Here you can choose which record to update
    • the Link record defined on template level (or in a search question) be updated.
    • All updated or created records on template level or in other questions with the same object will be updated.
    • First updated/created record on template level or in other questions with the same object will be updated.
    • Search question : Update a record selected in an other question using the search component.

Example : You select a contact in the first question and update his birthdate usinig a date component and an action as follow:
Update > Contact > Birthdate
target : first question

SalesForce actions might be difficult to at first glance, so feel free to contact us to get a more detailed explanation.

Some components offer extra settings or options, please refer to the article of the concerned component for the details.


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