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Now that you are a bit more familiar with the workboard, we can start adding new questions to our workflow template.

1. Add a question to a topic

When creating the question, you need to choose in which topic you add it. If you look at the left panel you will see that you have a button for each topic. But don't worry you can always reorder questions if you made a mistake.

2. Question details

As seen in the previous article, choose a title and write the question you like.

3. Component's choice

When creating a question you have to choose a component that will meet your needs. Zero Keyboard provides component for every type of answer, and choosing the right one is the most crucial part while designing your workflow.

All components are detailed in their own articles but here is already a small hint of what you can use, based on the type of answer.

Predefined text answer

Wheel let you do a single selection
List : let you select one or multiple answer


Search :let the user select one or multiple records from a Salesforce object


 Signal :a slider-like component to enter integer and simple values

 Numpad : for all type of value, handles decimals

Date & Time

 Date & Time : everything is in the name

Pictures & text recognition

 Camera : let you add pictures with text recognition

Free text

 Comment : Comment an other question

 Text : let the user enter his own answer


Good ! Now you know the basics and have all the resources to create your first workflow. Of course, if you have doubts or questions, never hesitate to ask us we'll be happy to help.

Also don't hesitate to visit this helpdesk on regular basis, we will put here more articles in the future and give more details on the advanced use of the Studio.


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