How to navigate between questions

There are several ways to navigate in the app, the most simple being to swipe from right to left. But even so, you might have encountered small issues like changing your answers or just would like to know how to move faster in the workflow of questions.

Here are all the things you need to know !

1. Swipe to change question

That the most easy way to do it, but answer component also work with swipe. In order to change question you need to swipe in the green areas on the following animation.
You can swipe in both directions and move back and forth in the workflow.

Swiping in the middle area will probably end in the change of an answer, so always aim at the title or the pagination dots.


2. Use the navigation menu

When you have short workflow swiping between questions is OK, but on longer one, you might want to jump directly to a specific question. The navigation button  in the bottom left corner let you display all topics and questions in the workflow, their status (answered or not) and allow you to jump to them by simply taping their title.
On top of that the Go to memo link brings you to the end of the workflow to review your memo.

Current question

Unanswered questions

Answered question

Please note that the design may vary between iOS and Android, and between version.


3. Go to and inside memo

In the upper right corner you have a fast forward icon . Press it to get instant access to the memo, as the Got to memo button in the navigation menu

Once in the memo, if you need to go a question, simply tap it.

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