Workflow template options

Templates can be set to have publication rules and specific interactions with and Salesforce 1. Those interactions with the managed packet can be really powerful. But with great power comes great responsibilities, that's why we advise you to read the following article before you start.

1. Publication

Teams : your workflow will only appear to the teams you select here. Simply click ADD on the wanted team to make the workflow available to its users. You can remove the workflow form any team by clicking the Remove button.
The Filter allows you to search on the team name and its members name.

Default for : In the mobile app, some actions are calling specific workflows, such as the swipe on an event or the + buttons. By default these actions are calling default workflows designed by our team. But you can decide to set your own creations. To do so just activate the switch for the action you want to replace. One template can be set for multiple default actions.

2. Salesforce update actions

When a workflow is completed and sent from the mobile app to Salesforce, it creates a record it will be linked to.

Example : As a default behavior a new workflow will create an event in SalesForce with the date of its completion and all its questions and answer as comment.

Always create a record in the selected object as link record. It means that every completed workflow will create an entry in the object.
You can override this setting to update a specific record instead. To do so you need to have a question with a search component where the user select the record.

Record name : You can choose to change the root of the name of the created record. It will always be followed by date and time information.

SalesForce actions : These actions are happening inside SalesForce, via Zero Keyboard's managed package. Each action allows you to create or update an entry in a standard or a custom object in Salesforce.

  • Action : choose if you want to create or update an entry
  • Object : Select the object where you want the action to take place.

If the chosen actin is Update, you have some more settings to define:

  • Field : select the field that needs to be updated. If you need to update several fields, create multiple actions.
  • with value : Contrary to question actions, template level actions don't offer dynamic options. The value here will be static, unless you use a magic word. Also, don't put quotes around values.
  • target :
    • the Link record defined on template level (or in a search question) be updated.
    • All updated or created records on template level or in other questions with the same object will be updated.
    • First updated/created record on template level or in other questions with the same object will be updated.

This concept might be difficult to grasp at first glance, so feel free to contact us to get a more detailed explanation.

Note : Multiple creations on the same object will be ignored.


3. SalesForce 1 & ZK mobile app options (enterprise edition only)

View target : When the information of a workflow have been successfully sent to SalesForce, the user can tap the banner to access this information in Salesforce. You can choose if it shows the information inside ZeroKeyboard or if it should open it in the Salesforce 1 app.

Save & view destination : You can define here the specific page you want to be opened after the user save a workflow. You can use #BASERECORDID# as dynamic value for created link record. Leaving empty defaults the redirect to: /one/

Force view : if you select this option, when the user hit the Save button, the app will automaticaly open the Saleforce view with the record. It can be used if you have a specific process for your user to follow in the SF1.

Salesforce call : You can create a button in Salesforce 1 to directly call a specific template in Zero Keyboard. To do so you will need to use the address we provide here as the target of the button.


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