Log in to Salesforce

On the first use of the app (or after a log out) you are asked to enter your Salesforce information. Based on your company's security policy you might have extra steps for your log in. We will cover all cases in the following article.

Zero Keyboard requires only a login on your first use, unless your administrator make some changes you shouldn't need to log in again.

Note : The app cannot work without a valid Salesforce account.

1. Enter username and password

And press the Log In button

Notes :

  • the Remember me tick box will only remember your username.
  • if you need to Use Custom Domain, check the article on Advanced Salesforce Login


2. OPTIONAL : Enter security code

If your company requires so, you might be asked to enter a 5 digit security code. You will receive it by email. Enter it and then press Verify button.


3. Allow access

Press Allow button.

Note : Zero Keyboard doesn't store any of your company's data except your contact information.


You should now be able to use and enjoy Zero Keyboard...


...however, if you can't connect, contact us or check our article on advanced login.



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